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March 28, 2023


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Urfi Javed Shares Chetan Bhagat’s Leaked #MeToo WhatsApp Chats On Social Media, Writer Reacts

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A few days ago, famed author Chetan Bhagat came under fire from influencer and actress Urfi Javed when he stated in a press conference that she is “distracting” young people. In a statement posted on his Twitter account on Monday, the author of “2 States” claimed that his contentious remark had been misinterpreted.

What Chetan Bhagat Stated

In a tweet, Bhagat stated: “I advised the lads not to waste time on Instagram and to concentrate on their careers and health. It seems that’s not acceptable! Therefore, they took my claim out of context, added stuff I didn’t say to the headline, and created a clickbait article with ageism mixed in. No doubt.”

Chetan Bhagat’s comments at an Aaj Tak event, which sparked the entire debate, were as follows: Youth, especially lads, have found their phones to be a fantastic source of distraction, spending hours simply scrolling through Instagram Reels. Everyone is familiar with Urfi Javed. How will you use her pictures? Is it going to help your exams or will you go to a job interview and claim to be familiar with all of the interviewer’s attire?

He went on to say, On the one hand, we have a youth who is safeguarding our country at Kargil, while on the other side, we have yet another young person who is watching Urfi Javed’s images hiding in his blanket.

Urfi Javed’s Response

The 25-year-old young sensation responded to this by writing on her Instagram account, “He and other men of his caliber will never own their faults before blaming the ladies. You sickos out there need to stop supporting rape culture. Mr. Chetan Bhagat, blaming women’s clothing for men’s behavior is very 1980s.” Additionally, she shared several images of his hacked WhatsApp conversations from the 2018 #MeToo campaign.

Urfi Javed Shared Related Pictures

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Chetan Bhagat #MeToo Chats
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