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September 22, 2023


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Top 5 Hindi Web Series On Ullu You Can Watch This Month End

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Lately, ULLU has been gaining a lot of popularity because of its Hindi web series. As many of you don’t know what this new OTT platform is all about, so let’s explore some of the series that are worth watching on it. 

Top 5 Hindi web series on Ullu

1. Shahad

Ullu hindi Web Series

This Hindi web series is based on eroticism and sex fantasy. It depicts a story of a newly married woman who eventually fell in love with his dewar. A physical relationship between a dewar and a bhabhi. A newly married couple started their life but soon a sexual attraction takes place between a woman and her husband’s brother, and they start their secret relationship. If you are looking for a series based on the sex genre then they will be your new favorite. 

2. Mom and Daughter

Ullu Web Series Hindi

Yet another sex fantasy, between a guy and her girlfriend’s mom. It tells a tale of a relationship between a girl and her mom. It shows mom going out for a casual party and her daughter asking her permission to bring a guy to her house as she is alone. Soon, they start liking each other and get into a relationship, the series takes a different turn when the mom starts falling for the guy and gets into a physical relationship. The series is available on ULLU and received a positive response from the audience. 

3. Takk

Takk is for those who like series about being playboy or say casanova. It shows Shailes, a gym trainer working in a gym named Alpha Fitness. He helps ladies as he works in the women’s department. Blessed with great looks and charm he soon finds himself getting ladies’ attention and start to live his life as a playboy. Watch the hindi web series to know what happens next. 

4. Walkman

Best Hindi Web Series on Ullu

For someone who craves wild sex fantasies then this will surely get you. It shows a young woman has high sexual energy, something that even her husband can’t fulfil. She then becomes obsessed with her Walkman as he tells her wild stories. In order to satisfy her physical needs he soon gets into multiple men for sexual favours. Her fantasies are way bigger than you can imagine. 

5. Palang Tod Siskiyaan

A sex tale between Bahu and Sasur.’Yes, something that is not acceptable but there are a lot of viewers who like sex-infused stories. The role of bahu is portrayed by Noor Malabika while the role of sasur is played by Tarakesh Chauhan. Throug tryhout the series, there is various encounter between these two that will keep you hooked to the series. Their dialogue delivery along with great acting makes it one the best series based on ULLU.

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