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September 24, 2023


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Top 18 Hot Priya Gamre Web Series List To Watch Online

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Priya Gamre web series– The Queen of Boldness needs no introduction. If you love watching erotic web series then you know who Priya Gamre is. Listed below are some of the best Priya Gamre web series that you can binge-watch this weekend. Make sure you are alone because most of her work is filled with enticing love-making scenes so watch it at your own risk. Keep scrolling.  

Best Priya Gamre web series

1. Matki 

Priya Gamre Web Series

If you are a true fan of Priya Gamre then Matki is surely you should check out. Her beauty and charm really stand out in the web series. One of the best Priya Gamre web series you will come across. 

2. Paap

Hot Priya Gamre Web series

A sexual tale between Bahu and her sasur. Both of them have developed passionate feelings towards each other and love to get physical with each other. Soon everyone finds out about this.

3. Dil Do 

Dil do hot web series Priya gamre

In this priya gamre web series filled with lust, The newlywed recently moves to a new city and things start to take a drastic turn when the husband becomes paralyzed. With no options left, Chameli takes a job as a sex toy tester. 

4. Miya Biwi Or Murder 

Miya Biwi aur murder

If you are a true fan of Priya Gamre and love crime thriller then do check out Miya, Biwi or Murder. Her performance on the web series is quite commendable. 

5. Watchman 


The story revolves around a watchman working in society and getting attracted towards three ladies. He wants to take advantage of them and constantly find ways to talk to them. He asks them to read the erotic letter his wife has sent him. 

6. Kaand

Kaand - Priya gamre web series

The storybof this erotic Priya gamre web series is about two girls where one is married and wants to start a family. However, her husband is impotent and can’t bear children. The other one starts to trick a guy into sleeping with her. Watch what happens next.

7. Shahad 

Shahad - web series of Priya gamre sexy

A sexual love affair between Bhabhi and Devar. The newly married is sexually unsatisfied and starts exploring sex out of marriage. She ends up sleeping with her devar. 

8. Shahad Part 2 

Shahad Part 2

Devar is now married leaving his bhabhi sad. Now bhabhi needs to find a new way to make this relationship work. She even starts giving Viagra to her husband to give herself ultimate charmsukh.

9. Maa Devrani Beti Jethani

Maa Devrani Beti Jithani

A sweet relationship between a mother and a daughter. Daughter Jahnvi is getting married. After some time, her mother starts to develop feelings for her damaad. Both end up falling in love with each other.

10. Shadyantra 

Shadyantra - hot Priya gamre web series

A complicated relationship between wife, husband, sali and devar. All of them are sleeping with each other and cheating on their significant partners. The story takes an interesting turn when Devar falls for saali making the whole situation even more complicated. 

11. Gaachi


The story of this priya gamre web series revolves around a prostitute, everyone loves her and wants to sleep with her. Soon she falls in love with a guy and wants to settle down. Unable to have respectable life in the village, the matter goes to Panchayat.

12. Dubey Ji & The Boys

Dubey Ji and the boys

A group of boys are struggling after their careers ended and are fighting for survival. In order to make ends meets, they take up a job to please ladies. As they dive deeper, things start to take unexpected turns leading to a big reveal that will make your jaw drop. 

13. Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Part 2 

Charmsukh web series Priya gamre

Jhanvi needs to make a tough decision to choose her mother’s decision and betrayal her love or choose her true love. Watch the web series on the ullu app as the drama unfolds. 

14. Charmsukh Majboori 

Priya Gamre sexy photos

Sayama is a dedicated single mother marrying an older guy named Rehman. She has a young beautiful daughter who Rehman likes and wants to sleep with her. Now Sayama needs to do everything in her power to protect her. 

15. Palang Tod Siskiyaan 

Palang tod siskiyaan

A sexual take on Bhau and Sasur. Bahu helps him in his household activities and starts to get attracted towards him. Their lovemaking is full of passion and lust that will leave you speechless. 

16. Dil Do Part 2 

Dil do part 2

In Part 2, Chameli takes up a job as a sex toy tester. But now her own boss is attracted towards her and tries many ways to exploit her. Chameli decides to take the matter into her own hand. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

17. Matki Part 2

Matki part 2

Bundu loves to sleep with her nephew. Soon things start to take a drastic turn when she caught him sleeping with a maid. Now Bindu must take a decision in order to handle the complicated situation effectively. 

18. Relationship Counsellor 

Relationship Counselor

In this hot Priya Gamre Web series, A married couple Kartik and Sejal are having conflicts because of Kartik’s sex addiction. Tired and frustrated she leaves him and moves in with her friend and her husband. Soon the husband falls in love with Sejal and decides to take the matter in her own hand. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

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