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September 22, 2023


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Tommy Lee’s 5 Famous Tattoos and Their Hidden Meanings

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Thomas Lee Bass or famously known as Tommy Lee is a famous American musician and a founder of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. He has been a drummer for the group along with working as a solo artist. Apart from that, he founded Methods of Mayhem, a rap metal band. Since the start of his career, he is always been known as the face of the metal band. 

Tommy was earlier popular as the husband of model and actress Pamela Anderson and his amazing body art. Let’s dive into some of his best tattoos that are worth talking about- 

Tommy Lee Tattoos and Their Meanings

Tommy Lee inked the face of a lion on both sides of his chest. The symbol denotes masculinity, strength, courage and victory. 

Tommy Lee Tattoo

He has also inked a Hindu symbol Om right below his belly button on the lower part of his stomach. It is tattooed along with a lotus flower. Well, the meaning as you can tell “Om ” denotes mental peace and hymn to acknowledge the living essence around you. Chanting it regularly will help you enlighten yourself. Lotus represent struggles and hardship in life. It also represents rebirth. 

Tommy Lee Om Tattoo

Tommy Lee also has a massive back tattoo of tribal design all over his back. It also contains a smaller design tattoo on his upper back. Wings represent freedom and a person’s will to move forward in life. 

Tommy Lee Tattoo Back

He also has a tattoo of a cheetah on his right upper arm depicting a cheetah crawling downward. The cheetah usually represents seduction and agility. Tommy himself is a ladies’ man so it might perfectly suit his personality. 

Tommy Lee Hand Tattoo

He has inked a chines symbol on his left shoulder. It denotes flowers along with vines. Besides that, he has one on his shoulder with the phrase- “MOTLEY CRUE” tattooed on it. As mentioned above “MOTLEY CRUE” is the name of the band he founded. 

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