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October 1, 2023


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MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants, Eliminations, Streaming Network, Rewards

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Realme’s “MTV Hustle 2.0,” which will be co-powered by Wild Stone’s new classic range, is all set to exceed the bar that its genre-defining predecessor built while focusing on indigenous, independent rap acts from throughout the nation. Following the phenomenal success of the first season, MTV Hustle 2.0, produced by FremantleMedia India, is promising to take the pan-Indian competition to a new level.

MTV Hustle 2.0

Already, the audience has shown an incredible amount of affection for the first season. The first season was a smashing success because it included an all-star lineup of judges, competitors, entertainers, and RAPS.

MTV Hustle 2.0

Following the phenomenal success of the first season, MTV Hustle 2.0, produced by FremantleMedia India, is promising to take the pan-Indian competition to a new level. And because the programme will include captains who will form teams with the participants and participate this time, the second season will generate even more commotion and attention than the first. In addition, when choosing the competition winners, writing ability, rapping ability, and overall performance will be considered.

MTV Contestants

MTV Hustle is returning with a new season, version 2.0, and this time around, Badshah will be serving as a critical judge on a panel. Following the first season’s success, the production company decided to add judges and squad bosses to make the competition even more significant. There are four squad commanders, and their job is to stoke the actual fire that candidates have inside them.

EPR Iyer and King, who both competed in and reached the finals of MTV Hustle Season 1, are now leading their respective squads as Bosses. In the first season of MTV Hustle, EPR finished in second place. Both returned as Mentors or Squad Bosses for the MTV Hustle 2 competition. Alongside them are two new faces, Dino James and Dee MC, both of whom are incredible rappers and stage performers, and they are here to help make this season entertaining.

MTV Hustle Eliminations

On the rap reality programme, Arpan Kumar Chandel, better known by his stage name King, who participated in the first season in 2019, talks about his path from being a competitor to become a squad commander on the show.

My whole adventure with the programme, from when I was a contestant until I was promoted to squad commander, will forever be an essential aspect of my life as an artist. The opportunity to collaborate directly with such a highly skilled group of competitors is one of the many reasons why I’m glad to be a part of this experience again. This will be like a learning experience for all of us, and I’m ready to have a great time playing music.”

It has been decided that each of the four squad leaders would be in charge of a separate team competing against one another. The members of each team will be chosen based on their ability to write, rap, and perform. This season, according to Santhanam Srinivasan, better known by his stage moniker EPR, there will be a greater variety of abilities, and language will not be a barrier to assessing them.

MTV Hustle Streaming Network

“Hip Hop as a way of life and the art form of rhythm and poetry (Rap) has been gradually gaining pace and broader recognition, with the emergence of different new talent across the length and width of our country. ” “Rap may have whatever kind of language you want,” he says.

On the other side, Dino James had this to say about the concert: “This show oozes with vitality and great raw talent.” Through an all-inclusive platform that encourages originality and experimentation, I believe the competitors have a lot of room to develop their skills. Rap, after all, is not an art form constrained to a single style.

MTV Rewards

During the first season, the competitors engaged in a fierce struggle to determine who would win the title of Ultimate Hustler. Following tremendous adversity, M-Zee Bella and EPR have finally arrived at the championship round. M-Zee Bella was the very first person to become victorious in the MTV Hustle Rap competition.

The auditing procedure that the teams are doing has now advanced to a new stage. The list of potential competitors for the second season of MTV Hustle is currently being compiled. Naturally, we will provide an update as soon as we get the official information in our possession.

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