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June 6, 2023


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6 Hot and Sexy Riti Riwaj Web Series that are worth your time

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Riti Riwaj Web Series– Riti Riwaj franchise is one of the most in-demand ullu web series. Every season is filled with wild bold scenes making it worth your time. Listed below are all the Riti Riwaj web series that you can watch after a long hectic day at work. 

Top 6 Riti Riwaj Web Series

1. Riti Riwaj Haldi

Riti Riwaj Web Series

The story revolves around a groom all set to get married. As part of the tradition, the haldi ceremony is performed where one girl falls for him and starts getting obsessed with him. Slowly groom’s life starts to crumble. Will the wife be able to fight with her in order to save her marriage? 

2. Riti Riwaj Love Festival

Best Riti Riwaj Web Series

The web series is based on the sexual fantasy where married men follow a tradition where they are allowed to roam around freely while sleeping with strangers for one night. The web series id many enticing love-making scenes so viewer discretion is advised. 

3. Riti Riwaj Water Wives

Riti Riwaj Water Wives

The web series revolves around ladies who are sexually unsatisfied in their marriage and are on a journey to find reach the ultimate physical satisfaction. The story aims to highlight women’s sexuality and break the stereotype in Indian society where the issue is still considered taboo. 

4. Riti Riwaj Pinjara

Riti Riwaj Pinjara

Quite an unusual tradition where the bride must sleep with the groom’s sister in order to save their marriage and remove the bad omen. The series highlights same-sex relationships in Indian society. 

5. Riti Riwaj Mann Marzi

Riti Riwaj Mann Marzi

It also shows a unique tradition where newly married ladies are allowed to select any guy of their choice in order to satisfy their sexual desires when their husbands are not available. 

6. Riti Riwaj Taala Chaabi

Riti Riwaj Taala Chaabi

It revolves around a couple who are mad in love and wants to take their relationship to the next level by getting married. But before that, they need to follow a small tradition that prevails in their community. 

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