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September 24, 2023


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5 Kenisha Awasthi Web Series You Can Download And Watch For Free

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An acclaimed actress is known for her appearances in several productions, namely “Hasmukh”, “The Incomplete Man”, and “Raktanchal”, Kenisha Awasthi was born on March 31, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. These are some of the well-known and widely watched web series featuring Kenisha Awasthi which you should check out!

5 Kenisha Awasthi Web Series:

1. ‘Mastram’

The 10 episodes of this show explore stories of passion that are braided together inextricably with the chaotic and routine elements of Mastram’s real life.

2. ‘Raktanchal’

The crime thriller “Raktanchal” is based on actual incidents that occurred in Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh, in the 1980s. It centers on the conflict between Vijay Singh, an angry young criminal with moral principles, and Waseem Khan, a cunning and tender mafia boss. A citywide carnage results from the tender war as it is fought against the backdrop of political unrest, forcing Vijay to overcome personal challenges and claim the title of tender king.

3. ‘Hasmukh’

A bashful comic from a small town learns that the only way to keep up his comedic skills on Broadway is to commit murder, which gives his long-awaited opportunity a sinister turn.

4. ‘Good Bad Girl’

The protagonist of the tale is a middle-class girl turned brilliant lawyer Maya Ahuja. She demonstrates her creativity by devising cunning escape routes from challenging situations. Maya cleverly plans a significant lie to get the results she wants.

5. ‘The Incomplete Man’

In the home of her ancestral village, Nupur hosted a bachelorette party with the help of her fiance Jai and friends. Unbeknownst to them, the house was possessed by a malicious supernatural force that wanted to wipe off Nupur’s family. A tantric in hamlet was humming hymns at the same time to control the supernatural power, hoping to amass great power and become unbeatable.

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