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June 6, 2023


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4 Harleen Sethi Web Series To Watch With Friends

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Harleen Sethi, an accomplished actress best known for her work in the hit films Broken But Beautiful (2018), Entanglement, and Kathmandu Connection (2021), was born on June 23, 1992, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Web series are meant to be enjoyed, and it can be done when the content produced online is something very unique and quirky to look at. Harleen Sethi is not only an actress but also a writer. Check out some of the best Harleen Sethi web series which we have mentioned down below.

4 Harleen Sethi Web Series:

1. ‘Broken But Beautiful’

Despite coming from different backgrounds, Agastya and Rumi discover love while immersed in their separate hobbies. As their tale develops, they see that leaving a relationship might be harder than entering one, bringing their trip to a full stop.

2. ‘Nice to Meet You’

The story of the movie is around two people who encounter a dating app and decide to go on a romantic evening at the girl’s house. The guy doesn’t realize the girl resides with her parents, and when he shows up at her house, he unintentionally runs into them at the door.

3. ‘Flirteen’

The amusing story “Flirting” centers on a group of girls who share a home. Each female has her own peculiarities, such as the tendency to sleepwalk or other oddities, which frequently result in humorous situations and accidents. The girls find themselves in humorous situations as the plot develops, and someone always finds themselves in a funny or unpleasant scenario.

4. ‘The Gone Game’

As soon as Sahil Gujral’s wife Suhani, whom he had falsely accused of being the murderer—is dead, the manhunt for him takes an unexpected turn. Now the question is whether the Season 1 revelation will be revealed or if Sahil will once more be able to evade the repercussions of his deeds in “The Gone Game.”

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