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June 6, 2023


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10 Ullu Web Series To Watch

2 min read

ULLU is recognized for its web series and short films, particularly renowned for its daring and unconventional content that often diverges from what is typically showcased in mainstream Indian media. Though the app has a subscription-based service for you to access the content. But if you wanna watch those for free, here are the top 10 ullu web series to download from

10 Ullu Web Series To Stream On

1. ‘Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap’

The husband learns of his wife’s relationship with Chinki, a talented tailor who captured her attention with a feminine touch. What will he make of this unexpected connection?

2. ‘Charmsukh Highway’

Tanya sets off on an expedition to pursue her ambitions, but a night on the road and a conflict with her parents force her to make difficult choices that leave her feeling uncertain about love and relationships. Stream the ullu web series for free on

3. ‘Charmsukh Hum Se Na Ho Payega’

The newlyweds make an attempt to create romantic moments, but unanticipated challenges prevent them from enjoying themselves, making their fight to satisfy their wants even more difficult.

4. ‘Charmsukh Tution Teacher’

In order to help his son Shreyas with his academics, Atharva employs a tutor. But as Shreyas and his father become closer to the tutor, Shreyas experiences sadness when he sees his father having an intimate relationship with her.

5. ‘Charmsukh Role Play’

The newlyweds investigate unusual techniques to spice up their sexual experiences after a doctor’s advice. But their odd experience comes to an end when the husband gets overly passionate and the wife hesitates. Watch the full ullu web series on desivdo.vom

6. ‘Charmsukh Pajama Party’

Rahul’s steadfast commitment to a loved one makes it more difficult for him to pursue his aspirations because it makes him a target for his friends’ avarice, which forces him to make a difficult choice.

7. ‘Charmsukh Salahkar’

The woman grudgingly reveals her discontent with their personal life after the husband insists. Accepting a friend’s advice, the husband asks the wife’s choice of a man into their bed, raising the question of whether they will be able to satisfy her needs or form feelings for one another.

8. ‘Charmsukh Telephone Booth’

A couple who are in a long-distance relationship relies on a phone booth for communication, but when their privacy is violated, turmoil develops and the girl is defrauded. How are they going to get out of the phone booth’s trap?

9. ‘Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Me 3’

As Raj gives in to his lusty impulses for his aunt Urmila, he is forced to choose between want and morality. According to him, Urmila has begun creating a strategy to use against him.

10. ‘Charmsukh Impotent’

Ajay, who lacks the sexual ability, comes up with a plan to conceal his impotence by wedding Rashmi, a blind woman. On the night of their wedding, he plans to send someone else to her to take advantage of her blindness.

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