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June 6, 2023


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10 Best Ullu Web Series to Download and Stream For Free

3 min read– The famous third-party website offers free download links to many hit bold erotic web series. Listed below are some of the best 10 ullu web series that you can download from Aagmaal. Keep scrolling- 

10 best ullu web series from

1. Namak

The story of this ullu web series is about a husband who has an addiction to gambling. One day his boss calls him and offers a promotion only on one condition. He must send his wife to his boss’s house as he likes her and wants to make love to her. 

2. I Love You Ullu Web Series

A teenage drama where a group of friends crushing on the same girl. Soon one of them offers the other to get the girl’s attention, if he fails then he gets a full chance to lure the girl into bed.

3. Doraha

Best Ullu Web Series on

The ullu web series follows a strange rural tradition. On their first night, the groom had to leave his wife for some work. So, his younger brother decides to sleep with his bhabhi to satay her physical needs. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. One can download this web series for free from

4. Love Guru

Love Guru

A sweet love story between Sonali and her middle-aged boyfriend Mohan. Moan loves her very much but Sonali is practical and likes to keep it casual as the relationship has no future. So, Mohan decides to take help from Love Guru. 

5. Siskiyaan Season 3 Part 2

Siskiyaan Season 3 Part 2

Famous bold actresses Noor Malabika and Priya Gamre have been cast in the leading role. Both of them have crossed every limit to bring sex on screen with their body assets and sensual performance. Watch the web series to enjoy their take on sex. One can easily stream this web series on

6. Ishqiyapa Part 2

Ishqiyapa Part 2

The ullu web series revolves around a brother and a sister duo where the elder loves the young brother while the younger sister loves the elder brother. Yes, it might seem quite complicated but do watch their web series, it will keep you hooked to TV screens/ 

7. Honey Trap Part 2

Honey Trap Part 2

The story focuses on three main characters Neha Gupta, Hiral Radadiya and Tantrik have a powerful honey that can make anyone crave wild sexual desires. 

8. Takk


The story is about a Casanova gym trainer who hits on every girl that comes to his gym. She loves to get physical with married women while helping them with their workouts. Soon he learns that he is sexually unfit after some medical reaction.

9. Teekhi Chutney

Teekhi Chutney

The story is about a loving relationship between Jenny and her boyfriend named Aditya. Both are all to get married and start their blissful life. But the story takes an interesting turn when Jenny starts to like her father-in-law Randhir. Download this latest web series from

10. Bidaai Part 2 Charmsukh

Bidaai Part 2 Charmsukh

The unique take on today’s marriage. A couple decides to part ways because the husband is unable to satisfy his wife sexually. Soon the matter goes to Panchayat where the real truth needs to be found out to save the image of a guy in the village. 

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